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Put it in lights! Words, initials, numbers. Nothing says it better when hiring our beautiful Light Up Letters!

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We LOVE Light Up Letters!

Hiring light up letters for events is highly desirable at the moment and it’s not hard to see why, as they create a spectacular and personal illuminated focal point for your wedding reception, corporate event or birthday party.

We personally L.O.V.E our giant light up letters as they emanate a WOW factor that will give you and your guests umpteen fantastic photo opportunities. Whether they are placed next to your dance floor, at your venue entrance as a welcome to your guests, or even outside, glowing as the sun sets, light up letters will add that extra glamour and enchantment to your occasion.

We have the whole alphabet to hire in our large light up letters so contact us today for your personalised quote!

Hire the Best Light Up Letters in Town!

We understand that more and more people want to add their own personal touch to their weddings and events and our Light Up Letters can be used in a variety of ways to produce a beautiful glowing radiance to your event space. We can even add uplighters behind the Light Up Letters to tie in with your event colour theme, which also frame and give the light up letters depth.

Shed more light!

  • 5ft/150cm tall – creating a commanding presence (except the ampersand/& and hashtag/#, which are 4ft/120cms tall)
  • Are free-standing so they don’t need to be leant against anything
  • Are beautifully hand-made in the UK from wood
  • Painted with a pure white gloss paint so crisp and clean
  • Have LED bulbs and therefore won’t get hot and so burn little or big kids
  • All our letters light up including the ampersand/& and hashtag/# signs
  • Have authentic and stylish carnival reflectors (not bare bulbs)
  • For our fee we will deliver, install and then come and collect the letters
  • We will provide all necessary insurance, testing and other legal documents required by venues

Our Impressive Light Up Letters can be used to make up words (LOVE, MR & MRS, AT LAST, I DO, PARTY, HAPPY, MARRY ME, ROCK ON, XMAS, NOEL, DANCE, DISCO, DJ, MERRY, BAR, DRINK, etc), initials, numbers and/or dates.

Call us today to hire our Light Up Letters and let the love shine!

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