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The Mighty Fine Setup!

At Mighty Fine we don’t subscribe to the “one-size-fits-all” model. We truly aim to give you what you want and one of the key considerations is how you would like the DJ setup to look.

Whilst it is essential for our DJs to bring the latest music and lighting technology to your event to make sure the sound and vision quality is outstanding, we also understand that the overall aesthetic needs to be in keeping with your wedding, corporate party or private party theme, whilst also enhancing the venue that you have chosen.

We have had the pleasure of working in most of the¬†fantastic venues throughout the UK, from modern urban settings, right through to listed buildings, with all shapes and sizes of rooms and spaces. We have a solution for everything and here are a few examples of what we can do, but it doesn’t end there – if there’s something you like but don’t see here, please let us know and we will arrange it for you – it’s your wedding, corporate event or private party and anything is possible!


White DJ Booth 4

White LED/Starlight DJ Booth with star gobo, mirror ball and uplighting with a discreet pa

White LED DJ booth with white staging, white LED star curtain, moving heads on white plinths

White LED/Starlight DJ booth with white staging, white LED/Starlight backdrop curtain, moving heads on white plinths, white LED/Starlight dancefloor

White LED Booth with white Light Up Letters, moving heads

White LED/Starlight Booth with white light up letters, moving heads, star gobo, mirrorball, fairy light curtain and discreet pa




Black LED/Starlight DJ Booth with mirrorball, moving heads, red uplighting and a discreet pa. This booth is ideal for venues or spaces with darker features such as wooden panelling


Black LED/Starlight DJ Booth with pink uplighting, mirrorball, moving heads and heart gobos and a discreet pa



White Table - Golden Yellow Uplighters

White DJ Table with yellow uplighting, mirrorball and moving heads and pa. This setup enables you to see the DJ at work, whilst being slick and modern


White Table - Pink Uplighters 4

White DJ Table with pink/purple uplighting, mirrorball, moving heads, heart gobos and a discreet pa

White Table - Blue Uplighters

White DJ Table with blue uplighting and featured red and pink uplighting with fairy lights, mirrorball and a discreet pa

The above are all customisable in that the lights behind the fabrics covering the speaker stands (and table) and in front of the LED DJ booth stands can be set to any colour to match your wedding colour theme so we blend in with the space. As you can see, our wedding/corporate or private party DJ setups are neat, stylish and modern with no unsightly wires or metal showing.