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Mark confirmed to appear at the Pro Mobile DJ Conference

Mark has been confirmed as a panellist on the “Mobile DJ Success” panel at the  Pro Mobile DJ Conference on Monday 19th March 2013.

As someone running one of the most successful mobile DJ companies in the UK and with lot of experience as a DJ, Mark is perfect for the panel. He aims to impart nuggets of his knowledge to the delegates in order that all can benefit from his experiences and hopefully take onboard what is said to help improve their own services and the mobile DJ industry as a whole.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the panel:

Mobile DJ Success – Panel Session
Ever wondered how some DJs command higher fees than others?
Is there one golden path to DJ success – or are there multiple potential routes to follow? This panel will highlight a hand-picked group of extremely successful DJs, who will share their personal experiences and advice for colleagues. The debate will then be opened up to the floor for the many other successful DJs in attendance to share their views.

The Pro Mobile Conference is something new. It is a unique opportunity for serious DJs to focus on their passion: DJing. Combining information packed keynote seminars, enlightening panel discussions and interactive group sessions, the Conference will both inspire and equip. Much more than that, it will provide an environment for new ideas to form, plans to be honed and new contacts to be made through focused networking.

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