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Plan Your Perfect Wedding article: How to Get Your Wedding Guests on the Dancefloor

It’s the stuff of pre-wedding nightmares. After all those months of planning, perfecting every detail and even preparing the perfect playlist, the evening reception arrives and the dancefloor is entirely abandoned, save one lone piece of tumbleweed, sadly drifting away into oblivion…

So perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but it is always disheartening when your guests need a lot of persuading to get up and party with you on the most important day of your lives. So how do you work with your DJ to make sure that everyone is dancing the night away? Luckily we have Mark van den Berg, expert wedding DJ at Mighty Fine Entertainment on hand to give us his top tips for filling that dancefloor.

Know your audience

The best way to get everyone involved is to fully prepare your DJ. Only you know your wedding guests, and working with your DJ to let them know the demographic, tastes and personalities of your dear ones is crucial. For example, if most of your guests are over sixty, an entire evening of gangsta rap probably isn’t appropriate (unless your nan is the rapping grandma from The Wedding Singer). All good wedding DJs will insist on at least one meeting with you before your big day to go through all the details of the day, get a feel for your personal taste and style as well as your guests and understand what your exact requirements are.

Build momentum

Have you ever been to any kind of party where the dancefloor is already heaving at 7pm? I didn’t think so. A good DJ will warm up the crowd and build a flow and momentum throughout the evening. From playing the classics that the older generations will love to bringing the music more up-to-date in time for everyone to have had a few drinks, the dancing may happen in ebbs and flows, but a really great DJ will make sure that it happens.

Sense the tone

You know what they say about the best-laid plans. Trust your wedding DJ and give them some freedom to change things up if the playlist you’ve agreed isn’t going down a storm. Professional DJs are trained to sense the mood of the room and will know how to bring the energy back up if it’s lagging.

Lead by example

If you are on the floor having a good ol’ shimmy, it can be guaranteed that many of your guests will join in or follow your lead. You’ve chosen the music why would you not want to dance to it?

Have covert dance leaders

Enlist some of your trusted friends to be the first to be brave and get on the floor. People can be shy creatures and like to wait until they see others having a good time before they follow the example.

Think about timing

Don’t bash out your best tunes just as the buffet is served! When you meet with your DJ he will get the timings from you and know when everything is happening so that they’re not trying to drum up enthusiasm while everyone else is trying to digest their food. He will also then know when to raise the level once the time is right.

Personality is key

Pick a likeable, friendly DJ who will also act as both an entertainer and host. Very careful use of the microphone (nobody wants to hear the DJ drone on these days do they?), good clear communication and stage management are all vital to building a rapport with an audience. Having an approachable look and demeanour is also an important quality for a DJ – nobody wants to talk to a moody DJ and a smile costs nothing. At Mighty Fine Entertainment, we work the room earlier in the day and introduce ourselves, which lets us play host as well as DJ so that everyone feels comfortable enough to approach and interact with us.

Originally posted on planyourperfectwedding.com