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Guides For Brides Article: How to Create a Playlist for a Themed Wedding

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about getting married in the 21st century is that now, more than ever, it’s the done thing to have your wedding your way. Weddings are increasingly becoming a creative expression of the couple and their interests, so it’s hardly surprising that themed weddings are one the rise.

They key to a successful themed wedding is consistency: the dress, the flowers, the food and yes, the music are all things to consider when creating a certain look or atmosphere. Every couple is different and so every themed wedding is different. For example, if you’re having a goth wedding, it may be a bit of a stretch to expect your nan to go nuts for Marilyn Manson for an entire evening. However, a sixties-themed wedding could easily lay the foundations for a playlist to bridge the generational gap and keep people on their feet all night.

A really great wedding DJ will have a large music collection and the knowledge to match, and will undoubtedly be able to put together a themed playlist of any kind. For example, at Mighty Fine Entertainment, they’ve set up specific playlists for a huge variety of weddings, from a Cockney playlist for a London couple to specific 60s, 70s 80s and 90s lists as well as indie, old school house, 20s & 30s swing, reggae, and the list goes on.?However, while it’s important that the music is consistent with your theme to create the right ambiance, don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re throwing a party – and people will want to get up and dance to tunes that they know.

Originally posted on guidesforbrides.co.uk