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Thanks for the memories!

Born into the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the French capital and with parents of Ugandan descent, Goobi was never going to be a person who just played any old record. Having spent his formative years split between Paris and West Africa, in his teens he made the move to the UK where he set about putting his burgeoning love for music to good use.

A keen traveller with a love for a dusty basement or two, Goobi took full advantage of frequent stopovers in cities such as New York and Havana to dig deep into the vast history of Latin American music and beyond. As his record collection grew, bustling now with killer selections from a wider catalogue of classic Jazz, Funk, Soul and Tropical rhythms, he sought to perfect his craft in public and soon found himself spinning weekly at the much loved Tuesday Salsa sessions at Shaftsbury Avenue’s, Bar Rumba.

Since then he’s made his own distinctive mark on the London underground scene, promoting his own Melting Pot event in London and hosting the venues associated radio show on Shoreditch Radio.

With such an amiable personality and a bag full of great tunes, his name is never too far away from other DJ bills where he has played special guest and resident slots in and around London and overseas, as well as major functions such as the London Jazz Festival, the London Latin American Film Festival, the UK film premiere for Soul Power and even BBC Radio 1’s, Hackney Weekend.