David is one of our most experienced wedding DJs, but certainly not the stereotypical type.  David loves DJing and puts 100% into his DJing, oozing energy and enthusiasm, which translates into his performance and the music he plays.

He first kicked off his DJ career over 25 years ago when he was a mere 10 years old! He has an extensive knowledge of music – that makes him very useful at pub quizzes but even better at tune selection to fill a dancefloor. He likes to play a wide variety of genres although now specialises in playing more soulful, dance orientated music from soul and disco through to R ‘n’ B and house music.

His DJ career has seen him DJ at some of the top venues and clubs across the UK and he has played at parties and events in Majorca, France and Ibiza. In the 1990s Dave was primarily a club DJ and ran successful DJ nights including Foolish, Doing it Right (Brighton) and SeriousDisko. Towards the end of that he turned his DJ skills to corporate events, media functions and particularly weddings.

Since then he delighted hundreds of clients, including celebrities and VIPs, by ultimately turning their wedding reception into one of the best parties they have ever attended. He simply loves DJing at weddings, as he is able to combine his club DJ technique with his ability to play across music styles.  He reads the dancefloor, feels the vibe and time after time is able to drop the right tune at the right time. He loves music that makes you want to dance – his DJ sets can include the sounds of Motown, soul mixed with funky dance music and a sprinkling of anthems, classics and dancefloor fillers.