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Leon is an exciting young talent with a huge passion for magic, grand illusion and tricks of the mind.

Leon became interested in magic after seeing a magician on holiday when he was only 5 years old. Born and bred in North London, he joined the Young Magicians Club at the age of 10, where he trained hard and developed his magic and performance skills to become a member of The Magic Circle at the tender age of 18.

Leon’s first grand illusion was performed at a table tennis club in Barnet, where to the absolute astonishment of the onlookers, he walked through a locked glass door. Since then Leon has also made a table tennis table disappear, an ambulance appear and he has even made he Rock of Gibraltar disappear, making this one of the worlds biggest landmarks ever to vanish live on a national TV channel.

He has performed his own sell-out shows as well as presented his magic in a variety of venues such as the N.E.C, House of Lords, Alexandra Palace, Wembley Stadium, The Olympic Park, Trafalgar Square for Chinese New Year and The Magic Circle Theatre.

Book Leon and you WILL be amazed and astounded!