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Boomwhacker Entertainment

Turn your guests into a vibrant musical orchestra using hand held coloured plastic tubes, creating tunes and rhythms guaranteed to leave guests tuned up and alive for the rest of the day!

Your host will bring individually coloured plastic music tubes called BOOMWHACKERS, each with their own pitched sound. Through a fun call and response style, your guests will swiftly learn a collection of rhythms that will have them playing in harmony together within a short space of time! Fun and laughter is guaranteed whilst getting guests and party goers warmed up. It’s plastic, indestructible, emits a great sound and is devilishly addictive to play. With a room full of BOOMWHACKERS, an endless array of sounds can be created.

BOOMWHACKERS are the perfect conference icebreaker, fantastic fun at weddings, easy to setup and incredibly quick to get going with. We can bring along 30 to 3000!